If you are looking for an extraordinary family accommodation experience, renting a houseboat is a good option. These accommodations are usually small and staying on the water  can be choppy at times, but it’s a special experience.

Travelers generally choose to sleep there for a night or two and the bravest even more so. You can book a night in advance on well-known hotel booking sites, there is a wide variety of options and prices.

A particularly traditional and experiential Dutch activity is Cycling around town. It is a good option to explore the city, know the roads, and move between sites while practicing healthy sports activities.

If the children are too young to ride, there are bicycles with seats on which another passenger or several passengers can be mounted. Amsterdam is mostly flat and very cycling friendly, there are defined paths and even special traffic lights, which makes cycling orderly and safe. Rental outlets are common throughout the city and are often available at affordable prices.

Of course, the 5-year-old prefers to go to the goat farm and the 10-year-old football fan prefers to take a look at the Amsterdam Arena. So here are some loose tips on what you can do with kids in Amsterdam.

The current Amsterdam Tropical Museum was founded around 1864 and was originally used to show the Dutch people of the time what life was like in the colonies that were once the most important in their country. Today it is one of the most renowned ethnological museums in Europe.

The Vondelpark is a classic city park where young and old, locals and tourists meet and anything goes. This is where the flowers start to bloom in the spring. A city trip with children can be very stressful. Here you can relax a bit and at the same time, you are in a paradise for children.

Children from 5 to 15 years old, but also older teenagers and adults have a lot of fun with many sophisticated games. You can easily budget three hours for the tour, making it a fun long-term activity for kids, even if it should be Amsterdam in the rain.

Playing mini golf is boring. But not minigolf in the dark – 3D black light minigolf is unlike anything you’ve seen before. With 3D glasses, mini golf becomes more difficult, a pleasure for the whole family. The courses are located not far from the Nemo Science Center and the Naval Museum, so it is easy to combine visits.